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What You Must Know Before Going for Your Defense Medical Exam

When one files their personal injury claim, they may be required by the insurance company or the defense lawyer to go for a medical examination from their hired physician. When such a time comes, people usually get confused that they have to go to a medical doctor that they have not chosen themselves. The reason these medical exams are usually controversial is that one may not completely trust the hired physician to do an independent medical examination. Although the defense lawyer will assure you that the exam is independent, you must consider a few factors. This article highlights what you need to know before going for the medical exam.

To start with, you have to get prepared for the exam. Prior to the actual exam, is it crucial that you take the time to write down a list of your issues without forgetting any? Make sure that you have noted down all the body parts where you sustained injuries. In addition to this, you must write down any symptoms that you are experienced or have suffered over time. Any reduced motions, strength, pain, activity restrictions, and anything else that you deem applicable must be recorded.

Further to this, you must note any medical treatment and diagnosis that you have gotten for these particular injuries. Remember to also write down any treatment that you went for subsequent injuries affecting the same body parts. You must always make sure to give an accurate and complete description of any injuries. Your medical history must also be given without hiding any subsequent or prior injuries because this will always be revealed later on.

In addition to this, it is crucial that you verify whether the doctor that has been hired by the insurance company is independent. Since they will be paid their fees by the insurance provider or the attorney, you need to be extra cautious to prove that they are independent. Therefore, due diligence is required to ensure that you get your rights despite going to this doctor. It is also advisable that you also have your medical exam done by your doctor of choice so that you may compare the results.

On the other hand, you need to know that the medical exam is not being done to offer you any treatment or medical advice. The aim of the medical exam is for helping the defendant to handle the case against them. Therefore, the examiner will likely be keenly watching you as you arrive from the parking lot up to the time you actually drive away. You must remember not to sign any document but let your attorney view the document first before signing. Also, you must not come to any medical documents to the exam unless your lawyer asks you to bring them.

Further to this, make sure that you have not taken any medication prior to the medical exam so that they do not impact the exam. You must also be polite and be there on time. Additionally, be honest and open to the defense medical doctor regarding your medical symptoms and treatment.

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