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How to Find the Right Assisted Living Facility

With age comes the appreciation of independence, despite the fact that old age wears off most of your ability to remain independent. Getting old means simple house chores such as cooking, or personal care chores like bathing become too hard to perform. At that point, you need extra care and attention. The family may be willing to help, but they may either be unable, or your pride may not allow you to accept such help. The best option at that point would be to go to an assisted living facility.
An assisted living facility is a great option for seniors, especially with the input in their lives at that stage. Apart from the help in running their daily lives, there is added security, with the presence of emergency response systems. Of course, you get to enjoy all those features and benefits when you search for the right assisted living facility. If you are looking for one for your parent or elder relative, there are certain qualities you need to see in place.
You need to feel a sense of contentment. When you visit such a facility to check it out, you need to feel that sense of contentment in the present residents. They should have happy faces, mingling, and chatting. There should also be plenty of activities going on, a nice and clean environment, with excellent meals served.
The facility should also have a homelike vibe. It needs to not only be clean, but also comfortable and nicely decorated. You should not feel like you just walked into a hospital, but more like in someone’s nice and warm house.

There should be an encouragement for the residents to do all they can for themselves. That is a sign that they are respected and treated with dignity. Where they cannot do things for themselves, the help should be offered nicely while still observing the rule of respect and personal space.
Take time to also find out about the amenities. There should be a health and wellness center in there. Remember, seniors no longer lead busy lives, and without enough movement, their bodies will deteriorate at a faster rate. Apart from their fitness, see if there are hair salons, a library, worship areas that respect different denominations, and such. As much as they are at the facility, their lives should remain wholesome. It is an added benefit if the facility also has a program that allows them trips to their family for regular visits.
Take special attention to the diet. There should be an emphasis on serving nutritious meals. The meals should also be easy for the residents to eat and digest. At the same time, the dining area should encourage communal meal times. If a resident wishes to participate in the cooking process, they should be encouraged.
The bedrooms or suites should guarantee privacy to the residents. You want your senior relative or parent to feel they still have some privacy and personal space at that age. A separate bathroom is important, as is the request for permission each time any staff member wishes to enter the room.
There should also be staff at hand to assist them whenever they need it. The staff should be friendly and approachable. It goes to further enhance the spirit of community and family.

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