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Four Most Important Pug Care Tips

Large eyes, wrinkled skin, and squashed face are the common physical attributes of pug making them the most unique dog pet that a dog owner can have. Because of their physical appearance, they often got injured and it requires proper care and handling in taking care of them.

Pug-proof home

Dogs are playful animals. They enjoy biting different objects without taking into consideration if it is toxic, harmful, or not. Dogs will be dogs as playful as they are. The best thing to do to avoid unnecessary injuries for your pugs is to clean up the house especially the floor and throw away harmful objects that they might bite. You can place it in a close cabinet so you newly got pug can safely play around.

Grooming the Pug

Since pugs are susceptible to infections, skin disease, and other health issues, they need thorough grooming. One way so you can make sure that you got their grooming on time is to schedule and plan it. Pug Breeders Kansas is best in this kind of job. They have a well-trained staff that is skilled in caring for a pug.

You may use special shampoo for your pugs. There are specialized bath essentials for a pug that can help in rashes and itching issues. It is also important to maintain their eyes, skin, and teeth. There are many brushes that are specifically made for pugs.

Give your pug a healthy diet

If you want to lengthen the life of your pug, it is important to provide him a healthy diet. Dogs are prone to allergies which could be fatal. You can start it by buying the right dog food for your pug. Pug Breeders Kansas are also advising snack foods for the pug.

Aside from giving the right food, the right exercise is also best for the heart of your pug. Two walks in a day are ideal for the pugs. It could last for a minimum of twenty minutes and a maximum of forty-five minutes. Avoid overworking for your pugs. Just like human beings, they need also enough hydration and rest during the exercise.

Water therapy for Pugs

If you think humans only need water, well pugs need it more. Pugs need to be properly hydrated. So make sure you have a visible water container for your pug so he can be trained to drink it in the location it is assigned. Choose the right bowl for the water. Make sure that it is on the floor level so that it is easy for the pug to drink from it.

Clean water and clean food must be available regularly since pug’s stomach are quite sensitive. The food and water container must also be sanitized regularly to avoid fatal stomach sickness. Dirty food containers are the favorite habitat for the bacteria. So be careful.

Aside from the necessary vaccine that your pug need, proper love and care is very important to lengthen the life of your pet. To know more, you can visit Pug Breeders Kansas and ask for their expertise with this type of dog breed.

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