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Beginner’s Guide To Using Instagram On A Computer

Using Instagram on the phone is the norm of most people, but you can start it off on your PC too. Signing up and getting an account and using it is really fun, you get to engage your allies through posts and knowing what’s trending in the world. What if you are a beginner, well you need to get advice on how to use it on a computer. Keep reading below to know more.

Using Instagram on your computer is now on the trend, and there are many reasons for that. It’s annoying to be checking your phone always, so it’s better that you stay glued to the computer screen before you. The other reason could be that it could be inconspicuous than checking on your phone. A computer is large enough, and yes you have many ways to upload images from the computer than on the phone. Using Instagram on a computer is backed up by so many reasons, among them stated ones above.

As a starter you need to know how to get going. You have to check the Instagram URL and click on it; you have to sign up then. Indicate your username and passwords too. After completing the sign up process, you will receive account verification notification, your account is ready and safe to use, you can now post videos and photos already. Since you have your account, you can now log in and out, that is how you are going to be using it. There are tricks for making it work on a computer as your phone, very amazing tricks to utilize.

First, install the chrome Instagram story. With this you are able to watch all the stories on Instagram. This is one good hack as it will let you know if there is a story to check out. Not only being able to check out trending news, but you also have many options on how to post your pictures. So you get to choose what option you want and share your posts.

Deskgram is also on a computer; you can utilize it fully, it lets you trim videos, use filters and edit among other things. There are just many forms of doing stuff on Instagram, like posting videos you are enabled to utilize so many other programs, like Safari on PC. Using Instagram on a computer should not be that difficult. If you are a beginner and you are interested in using Instagram on your computer, check out this guide on how to get started plus how you can get going with a computer, its way much easier.