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Indicators of Vitamin C Deficiency in Your Body

The vitamins are essential nutrients that help in the growth of the human body; you need vitamin C too for it plays a major role in your body. The vitamin c is soluble in water and it is essential to extract iron from vegetables in the digestion of the food, it also helps in repairing and forming of the red blood cells in the human body. In this article, there are signs of deficiency of vitamin C in your body this include.

There is the indication of rough skin. When you notice that you have rough skin and you are still young, it is a sign that you have the deficiency of the vitamin C for your skin need to be smooth.

There is the symptom of bruises that take a long time to heal. The healing of the bruises on the skin needs the vitamin C that makes more collagen and this speed up the healing process of the wound in your skin.

There is a sign of bleeding or swollen gums. The lack of the essential vitamin C weakens the gum tissues and this will lead to high chances of bleeding or even the fall out of your teeth and this is at severe deficiency levels.

There is the symptom of iron deficiency. The body need sufficient vitamin C to it to absorb iron, the absorption of the iron from vegetables and meet need the help of the vitamin C in that process that it needs to be enough best intake.

There is the sign of weak immune system. Vitamin C helps in the bonding of the immune cell to help fight against any infections. You need to boost the level of vitamin C in your body to help improve the immune system that is will be to fight infection for the system is strong.

There is a sign of feeling moody and fatigued. The feeling of moody and fatigue is a result of low energy levels in your body and with sufficient Vitamin C, there will be an increase in energy due to high metabolism.

There is a symptom of vision problems. When you have insufficient vitamin C in your body, you will experience a problem with your vision, as we age, the vision level become weak, the vitamin C will help to improve the immune of connective tissues.

There is a sign of weight gain. When the metabolism level in your body will slow down, there will be an increase of body in your body and this leads to weight gain when there is insufficient vitamin C in your body.

There is the symptom of swollen and painful joints. You need to maintain healthy joint; thus, you need to eat diet and food rich in vitamin C and this will prevent swelling of the joint; thus, it will be easy to move around with no pain.