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Make These Part of Your To Do List When in Guatemala to Materialize Your Dream Vacation

Guatemala is packed with many beautiful scenery and cultural activities leading to a steady growth in tourism like more than 2 million tourists visiting in the year 2017 alone.

With the many things to do and places to see advertised as family tours Guatemala, it would be good to know what are among the best things to do in the place to make up your to do list and maximize your vacation.

You will have a bunch of great pictures for your different social media accounts when you visit Semuc Champey, the number one to mention on our list, which is a place that is made up of many stepped and turquoise pools where you can swim in. Be aware though that this is far from the other popular tourist hubs and would take your one way ride at least 8 hours riding in a bus.

We all love roasting marshmallows, and what can be more exciting that roasting it on an open fire like on an active volcano, and this should be on your list to do when in Guatemala. Among the many volcanoes in Guatemala, Pacaya is the most famous, and it would take you a long bus ride, an hour and a half of hiking to reach the steep of this volcano, with an option to rent horses to make your pace faster.

The next thing we can mention for your to do list in Guatemala is to see the ruins of Tikal, which among the Mayan ruins, is by far the most famous one. Tikal is by far the most famous among the several Mayan ruins in Guatemala, and will make you envision the Mayan empire and its glory with the ruins still in great shape. In order to get the most of your experience, learn more about the ruins and the people who once lived in the place, it is advisable that you hire an English speaking guide or sign up for a family tour.

The beauty of Lake Atitlan is undeniable, and deserving to be on your to do list when in Guatemala, and here you can hike and shop at its local market, plus swim, and paddleboard. What makes this place unique is that it is composed of dozen of villages that surround the lake, each having its own kind of personality, and one considered popular is San Pedro with its bars, hostels, and restaurants where travelers considered as their spot for partying. For those who are more into relaxation and spiritual activities, you will find a village surrounding the lake called San Marcos, where tourists will find many yoga classes and multi-day yoga retreats, plus restaurants that offer vegan food.

Shopping is always on our list when we go on vacation, and in the Lake Atitlan village of San Marcos, you will find the most famous place to shop called Chichicastenango market.