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Things To Know About Divorce Mediation

Many couples do not imagine they can have a peaceful divorce if the marriage has failed. How you proceed with your life after the divorce is largely your choice. Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that enables couples facing divorce to go about their issues amicably and even without involving court proceedings. Going through such a major life event as divorce can be stressful for the couples and the children. The divorce mediator actively engages you and your partner in comprehensive discussions on all the necessary issues. The mediator will seek to identify any underlying and relevant issues which apply to your unique situation by listening to your goals, concerns, and needs. The mediator will then help you to agree and decide on how to dissolve the marriage peacefully.

The divorce mediation discussions will revolve around parenting plans and necessary arrangements for co-parenting the children after the dissolution of marriage. This includes the financial support each of you provides your kids for their living expenses and education. You will also discuss how your marital assets and liabilities will be divided into what is referred to as equitable distribution according to the state regulations. The divorce mediation discussions will also look at how much and how long you will be required to pay or receive spousal support and maintenance.

When you and your spouse have come into an agreement, the divorce mediator will draft a memorandum of understanding that contains all the agreements that you made during the mediation sessions. The objective of divorce mediation is to make sure that one spouse does not win at the expense of another and that all agreements are acceptable to both parties. The following are the main benefits of divorce mediation services. It has rightfully been said that in divorce, there is no winner. However, if the circumstances in your union demand that you divorce, you might want to choose a peaceful and cost-effective option that cushions you and the children from excessive stress and emotional turmoil.

The divorce mediator will also help in resolving matters such as how to inform the children about the plans to end the marriage, the faith and religion the children will be raised under and even the person to care for the family pet. No detail is too small to be discussed during the divorce mediation process. The divorce mediator also helps people to transition gradually into life after divorce. If you are working with a divorce mediation team that offers all-inclusive services, you can complete the steps peacefully and fairly. Two people have to agree before getting married, but it only takes one of them to initiate a divorce.

Divorce mediation has numerous benefits that cannot be found in another divorce option, and nearly everyone can mediate. The only thing needed is the agreement between the couple to participate actively in the divorce mediation process voluntarily. The only challenge with divorce mediation is one is if one party is not willing to participate in the discussion, in which case you will have to use other options.

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