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Are You Living in South Carolina? Here is How to File for Divorce

Most couples who have failed to solve their marital issues usually opt for divorce as the way out. The laws that govern the process of divorce are usually specific in different states. One of the preparations for filing for a divorce is learning about the laws in the state that you live. You will realize that the process of filing for divorce is usually more challenging and stressful in South Carolina than the other states. If you are a resident of South Carolina, you should be keen on the divorce laws so that the process can proceed smoothly. In the end, you will be sure of equitable sharing of assets, finances, and property split. Moreover, you will not have to worry about losing child custody which can be depressing. In this article, you will get information that will be helpful in the process of filing for divorce in South Carolina.

South Carolina is known to be among the last states to permit divorce. In as much as there are laws in the state that govern the process, the divorce process still remains to be stressful, costly, and long. For you to file for divorce, you will be expected to meet certain requirements. One of the requirements is that you must have lived in the state for more than one year. Alternatively, the divorce case will stand if your partner have lived in the state for more than a year.

The next important of the divorce process is the ground for divorce. The two bases are fault and no-fault. No-fault divorce is a situation where the couple have lived separately for more than one year without cohabitation. On the other hand, fault divorce include issues such as adultery, drunkenness, and domestic violence among other marital issues.

After coming up with a basis, you should follow the required steps. First, you should note that the process is complex and lengthy hence you should be prepared for several steps. The first step is usually a documentation of the divorce cases. You should ensure that you fill all the required forms such as financial declaration. Also, you will have to file the complaint.

After filling all the relevant forms correctly, your spouse will be summoned with a legal notice as the defendant. Some of the common avenues that will be used to serve your partner with the legal notice include mail, sheriff’s office, and private server. A court date will then be set. You should ensure that you identify the best family lawyer in South Carolina following the fact that it will dictate the outcome. The above-discuss tips are key in ensuring that you file for divorce in South Carolina with ease.