Figuring Out

Facts about Erb’s Palsy

Although there are fewer reports about brachial plexus also known as Erb’s Palsy, it sometimes happens, and the condition affects the neck and arms regions of the newborn baby, and it can lead to immobility. The disease is highly attributed to the complicated delivery process, but sometimes it can be as a result of neck trauma after birth. Below are some of the top things that you should know about this condition.

The delivery process is never an easy job, and it is during the process of pulling and pushing that the nerves in the neck of an infant can be interfered with leading to these conditions. Women who have a smaller body frame are highly predisposed to this condition because of similar seemingly smaller birth canals. Breech birth can also lead to the disease because of the pulling of the arms over the head during delivery and any trauma after birth can also cause the Erb’s Palsy.

Erb’s Palsy can be prevented when scans are done to identify the possible difficulty when giving birth. Some instances can lead to C-section such as when the baby is bigger than the birth canal or when there is a possibility of birth breech occurring.

The extent of the damage varies from one infant to the other and some recover while others may live with the impact all their lives. You can prevent the long-term effects of the situation by starting treatment immediately after delivery. Your infant will be subjected to the best treatment when you consult with the leading specialists such as neurosurgeons, physical therapists, and orthopedic surgeons.

Most of the newborn babies have recovered from Erb’s Palsy after some months of physical therapy and massage. Taking your infant for the sessions means that they will be exposed to various types of massage for enhanced mobility and sometimes Botox injections can be recommended for increased stimuli. As a parent, you are also required to offer massage at home for the wellbeing of the infant.

Most of the specialists recommend surgery when the infant has experienced an enormous impact. When the infant has any ruptured nerve leading to avulsion, then the surgery will be recommended within the first six months after birth. Choosing the best and highly qualified Erb’s Palsy lawyer will help you to reduce the value that comes with the surgical procedure to the infant.