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Reasons for Tingling in Arms and Hands

Research has shown that more people are having arm and hands tingling than ever before. One might also have arm tingling at some point in their life. Having ones arm tingling is to considered as a serious health condition. Individuals normally experience arm tingling because of a few things. For instance, you might sleep placing your arms under your hand and thus having tingling. In this article we are going to look at the factor that can cause you to have tingling of your hands.

Most individuals will experience tingling because of having their neck nerve pinched. Commonly individuals experience arm tingling because of putting their arm at the back of their neck when sleeping. Individuals might also have tingling because of nerve injuries. Individuals can solve this problem by visiting a doctor in order to get treatment. This cause of tingling can also be reduced by having therapy.

Another cause of tingling in the arms and hands is vitamin B12 deficiency. Individual with vitamin deficiency often experience more arm tingling in both arms. To be more certain of the vitamin’s deficiency you can also have symptoms such as fatigue. Most individuals will have a blood test done by a doctor in order to confirm the vitamins deficiency. Then if confirmed that you are having vitamin B12 deficiency you will be given the right supplements to help you recover.

Individuals who have arm and hand tingling might also be having the carpal tunnel syndrome. Typing more than usual or using more power tools have been seen to cause this problem. For one to identify the issue one should have an ultrasound done. Ultrasound diagnosis will reveal whether you have this problem or not and will also suggest the possible therapy you will need. Also, you can try and reduce your frequent use of hands in activities such as typing.

If one has cervical or spinal stenosis one can also develop arm and hands tingling. Spinal stenosis occurs when one has their spinal cord space becoming smaller. For one to reveal whether they have this condition or not one needs to have a CT scanMedNow Urgent Care performed. Treatment will range from surgery to physical therapy, all depending on the condition of the individual. If you have diabetes, you too have a chance of developing arm and hand tingling. To reveal this MedNow Urgent Careone needs to visit a doctor for a blood test in order to determine the ways they can manage their life.

Lastly, the above are the possible reasons as to why you are having arm tingling.

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