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Challenges Facing Veterans In Civilian Life

When one leaves for military tours, the goal is normally to fight patriotically for their country. After the end of the military engagements, these soldiers come back home and are given medals and accolades and are considered war heroes. Despite of this, they face numerous challenges and have difficulty in being assimilated into civilian life.

The first challenge most war veterans face is Living by the civilian legal systems. As a soldier, the standard of living is not as high as it is with civilian life. Most soldiers are accustomed to fighting and bloodshed as a means of solving disputes. This is different in civilian life since as a civilian, courts and other alternative despite resolution mechanisms are in place. Not violence.

The second challenge is finding a new career. Most war veterans are skilled in war since it has been the only activity they have been engaged in for most of their adult life. This means that after war, they are not equipped with any skills set to work in the civilian world. This can lead to them living a life of crime and lawlessness. As a war veteran, it is very easy to commit heinous crimes since you are equipped with skills that are violent in nature. This way a life of crime can come to them naturally.

Mental health problems are also prevalent among war veterans. The daily life of terror, violence and imminent death is the life these soldiers take. Taking the life of a person can take its toll on anyone. Afterwar, most war veterans are faced with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They keep reliving the wars in their minds. This way, they find it hard to sleep and even concentrate with daily tasks. Finding mental healthcare is considered weak and most patients are highly stigmatized. This makes most of these veterans to fear seeking help as it would make fellow soldiers criticize them.

During war, there are often many injuries. These can result in physical handicap such that the war veterans come back home without limbs. This subjects them to a life of depending on others for day to day help for example locomotion, feeding and many others. As a war veteran, it then becomes difficult to fend for yourself as you are always depending on others for daily sustenance. This is embarrassing to them and may even push them to suicide.

Another challenge adult veterans face is getting supplies. As a soldier, during tours, there is always provision from the country that sent them to war. Food, water, electricity, healthcare, clothing, toiletries, beddings and other resources Are provided to them. After returning to the country that sent them to war, the soldiers find it hard to get supplies without work. They then end up feeling neglected by the countries that sent them. This makes them lose their patriotism and their goodwill towards their country.

In conclusion, it is very important that the general public takes time to dedicate itself to helping war veterans meet these challenges. Soldiers dedicate themselves to their country. The country should also dedicate itself to them.

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