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Services by Mediums from Michigan

Every medium uses its own approach in tapping into the supernatural energy that back up their methods. There are mediums who see images while others hear some kind of message and of course a handful that claim to talk to loved ones that passed. Reiki master teacher Oakland County, MI is home to numerous mediums and various other services.

Reiki Healing Sessions

The healing process that comes with Reiki Healing Sessions cover a wide variety from a dull pain in the back to injuries and illnesses endured by the body or even emotional trauma inflicted during childhood and adulthood. The human body was engineered to effectively recover and heal itself, what mediums do is apply a unifying approach in order to clear “blocks” that may have prevented the body from fully recovering. Anything can come up during Reiki Healing Sessions that can further aid in the body’s healing. Reiki Healing Sessions will likely include items like the following:

? Reiki or Access bars
? Crystals
? Tibetan singing bowls
? Tuning forks
? Coaching
? Native American drums
? Essential oils
? Messages from a loved one that passed
? Angel healing harp

Access Bars

Basically, Access Bars involves a delicate technique that is focused on the 32 points on a person’s head. The goal is to gently release old programming in the head that might have been negatively affecting one’s health, sleep, relationship, weight, sex, anxiety, stress and more. Just by touching the access bars, they aid in clearing the electromagnetic charge which holds a person’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts. In turn, it will dissipate, allowing the person to see their body, relationships, and overall life with ease and more clarity.

Soul Coaching

A method called Soul Coaching is used in helping those that feel that they’re just stuck and are having a difficult time moving forward regardless if it involves their career, relationships, financial block, health, spiritual or love life. Soul Coaching identifies certain patterns that contribute to their feeling of being stuck. When a root or specific pattern is identified, then proven techniques are applied and subsequently customized for the specific personality and needs of the person; those that work for some may not necessarily work for others. Apart from identifying the root of the problem, coaching also helps in keeping the person on track of their plans and goals as well as holding them accountable.

Amethyst Crystal Mat Treatments

Sometimes called infrared healing pads, the Amethyst Crystal Mat Treatments makes use of a various pounds of hot amethyst crystal in producing a unique infrared signal. The light can be described as warm and wholesome, both gentle and powerful. The temperature settings, when set to high, can be compared to that of a sauna but a bit more relaxing since the person is able to lie down and completely shut out their surroundings. The Amethyst Crystal Mat Treatments is profoundly rejuvenating and relaxing but it isn’t advisable to use this treatment as frequently as one would go to a sauna. The medium and even lower temperature settings allow a gentle and wholesome warmth for mild pains and improved blood circulation.

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