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Ways To Maximize Profits In Bull And Bear Markets

Learn more about these terms of economic recession. Bull markets take place when the economy is strong. There is also an increase in the amount of IPO activity. The advance or decline line represents the number of advancing issues divided by the number of declining issues over a given period. A rising line signals that the markets are moving higher;hence, know these terms of rising line. An advance or decline line continues to move down showing the averages will remain weak. Bull and bear markets coincide with the economic cycle most of the time. The economic cycles consists of four phases. Economic expansion is indicated by bull market starting because bear markets set in before economic contraction begins. There are opportunities to make profits in the bear market. You need to understand which market you are in. There are many ways of making profits in the bull and bear markets.

Purchase the stocks in the bull market when prices are low and wait for prices to rise before you sell them. Buying and holding needs an investor who is confident in their instincts that the prices of the stocks rise.

You use the increased buy and hold technique that is like the buy and hold strategy. Buying, and holding has fewer risks than increased buy and hold technique of trading in the bull market. The investor observes the rate of increase of the price of their stocks but instead of selling like in the buy and hold they continue buying as they wait for prices to shoot higher for them to sell.

Checkout these terms about the retracement period for better understanding. The retracement additions provide the investor with a discount on the purchase price.

The investor actively uses short-selling, and other techniques to optimize profits are priced in the larger bull market keep shifting; therefore, learn these terms about short-selling.

The future date beyond which the seller cannot be allowed to sell the shares is called expiration date. The bear market charges a premium. You can sell the stock or the put option at a profit in the bear market if the stock prices fall below the put option.

The short EFT is also called inverse EFT in the bear market, and you can learn these terms about short EFTs. The inverse ETF or short EFT strategy produce returns which are the inverse of a particular index.

Long positions is also a great way of making profits in a bear market; therefore, these terms of long positions will help you undestand.

Here is more to read about these terms in long EFTs.