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Advocacy For Freedom

All citizens are given basic rights by the law which must be respected by other entities. A certain organization has initiated a campaign to advocate for freedom and accountability among the authorities and institutions providing essential services to the residents. The campaign focuses on three main agendas which are economic freedom, education freedom, and healthcare freedom. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals are treated, allowed to make independent choices, get fair access to amenities and improve their quality of life. Economic freedom revolves around advocating for policies to be adjusted accordingly in order to favor the flourishing of local citizens. Many individuals depend on economic activities to earn living and live comfortable lives.

The campaign aims at demanding that tax policies are designed while considering their impacts on locals. The organization strives to get significant reductions in taxes and public debts. Laws need to be formulated to create more opportunities for citizens to become successful. Health care freedom advocacy involves protesting for the government to provide easy access to high quality, innovative and affordable healthcare services. Each citizen has the right to accessing primary healthcare services. The organization mobilizes residents to demand the freedom to choose customized health insurance plans, medications, and other necessary amenities. Healthcare service providers should not be monopolies but rather fairly operated firms. Advocating for increased competition in the healthcare industry would result in higher quality services, lower prices and easier accessibility for citizens. It is common for insurance companies to charge overrated subscription fees for patients to be covered during medical issues.

The organization intends to mobilize residents to demand that the insurance service providers follow particular guidelines when setting the insurance coverage policies. Education freedom advocacy entails emphasizing on the need for the government to give equal and fair access to educational institutions and schools. Students should be allowed to select desired schools to attend as this is proven to increase the performance and success of the candidates. The schools are also required to deploy effective teaching methods and tactics to instill helpful knowledge to students so that they become successful persons in the future. High costs of enrolling for courses and schools should be reduced to ensure that all residents are able to afford quality education for their children. It is also the goal of the organization to demand accountability in schools, utilization of public funds, political issues and other crucial sectors. Learning institutions must practice transparency regarding usage of funds to avoid misuse and ensure improved chances of growth. Politicians and other civil servants need to be held accountable concerning how they utilize taxpayer money in financing development projects and assigned tasks. The organization also advocates for freedom of expression, privacy, and fairness during trials and rulings. Some laws prohibit citizens from using vaping products although there are no tangible reasons as to why this is done. Vaping products are shown to give numerous health benefits and as such individuals should be allowed to use them whenever they want without legal complications.

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