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Methods of Tattoo Removal

The removal of tattoos is a painful method for quite a long time. The beauty and esteem of the tattoos makes most people want to have various types of tattoos. Some of the tattoos have information the person is interested to put across. It is at times a source of prestige to some people. The methods used to remove the tattoos are mostly not easy and safe.

The methods are inclusive of Salabrasion and dermabrasion. The oldest, method of removing the tattoo is the Salabrasion and dermabrasion. The process of Salabrasion involves removing the tattooed epidermis with a salt-based solution. The method of dermabrasion is near the same with Salabrasion but it is more mechanical and uses a rotating machine to remove the skin. The skin is greatly damaged and a lot of pain is inflicted during the process. The injury heals and leaves a big scar. The tattoos are also removed by skin excision. It involves surgically removing the skin. The size of the tattoo determines the magnitude of the scar. It is a better method when done on the small tattoos but can be difficult in large tattoos. The removed skin may be replaced with a skin graft to ease the healing and reduce the scar.

There are solutions that are injected subcutaneously to remove the tattoos. The solution is glycolic-based and is released below the skin with an injection. The solutions then react with the skin to remove the ink The solutions acts to fade the skin off the ink. The dermis and epidermis are not spared y the chemical. This can cause burns and leave marks and scars. There are burns caused which leaves marks and scars on the skin. This solutions do not have a hundred percent proven effectiveness as it is not that easy to remove the ink from the dermis and epidermis. Creams are also used to remove the tattoos. The creams are not costly and hence may want to use them. A cream is not an easy way of removing the ink and hence it is o the best method. They work just on the top surface but do not totally remove the ink.

Someone who has been removed a tattoo previously can benefit from laser tattoo removal. Ths is a method where some experts use a laser machine to remove any remaining ink after tattoo removal. The scar left by the previous procedure is treated by this machine and the result in reducing it. They also help the skin to create some collagen by applying a microdermabrasion treatment.

All these processes should be done by highly skilled people. This is because they can lead to very serious infections which can be fatal. The person performing the process should have good knowledge o the structure of the skin to a avoid causing harm to the client. The procedure should be done following al the hygienic and safety precautions with sterile equipment.

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