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A Guide on Text Message Marketing.

Short messaging applications were mainly used for the sharing of text content between different clients before the development of online chatting applications. A large percentage of adults in the world’s own a mobile phone and this means that they are part of the audience whom you can send a text message to. If you are looking to use text messaging for marketing your brand, here is a guide on what you need to know.
If you are looking to employ text messaging as your marketing means, it Is recommended that you know your audience. As you interact with clients, get their consent on being added to your text message list and ensure that they are aware of the kind of content they should expect from you. You can avoid legal issues by ensuring that you create prompts for clients to accept or decline to be part of your text list on subscription.
An essential aspect of message advertising is timing. When it comes to sharing the messages about products it is highly recommended that you avoid selling them early in the morning or late in the evening. The most appropriate time to send the message is later in the morning as this will see your clients react to them. The frequency at which you send your clients messages is also an important timing factor. Build rapport with your clients when it comes to sharing of messages by sharing a few messages so as to avoid annoying them which will see you fail in reaching your advertising goal. Sending a text at the frequency of a single text per week is the best timing strategy.
Creating clear and concise messages for your clients if you want to achieve your marketing objectives through text messages. It is advisable that you limit your messages to a hundred and sixty characters. Long texts above a hundred and sixty characters are expensive to send as they break down for easy delivery and the break down may distort some of the content of the message. It is also recommended that you include a solid call to action such as the URL of your business or a phone number. You can keep your clientele interested by ensuring that you keep up with new trends and also ensure that your messages are varied.
Lastly, make sure that your audience can freely opt out of your message subscriptions whenever they want to leave. You are obligated by law to provide a way out for clients looking to unsubscribe from your messages. In order for you to ascertain that you are meeting set objectives with the text message marketing technique, it is recommended that you perform regular assessments of your results.