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Pros and Cons of Using Mortgage Bankers and Brokers
Anyone who was in the real estate industry during the housing bubble market crisis knows how the mortgage rules and regulations have changed. Back in the day mortgage brokers had complete control over the loan origination market. The mortgage loan industry only got a bad reputation because the brokers participated in dodgy dealings.

You will not have to be sacred borrowing since the SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008 which put tighter restrictions in the broker industry. The brokers are required to pass the licensing test so they will not take premiums from lenders that force them to pick higher loans. Borrowers now have to think about choosing between a mortgage loan through a broker or from a bank but they can check the advantages of disadvantages of their choices.

A mortgage broker is usually a middleman who works with the client and the bank so the shop around for the best mortgage loan. Mortgage brokers work with a variety of multiple lenders to help with negotiations and collaborate closely with your realtor. Working with a mortgage broker is essential especially since they’ll use information from your income statements and required paperwork to shop for the best available loan.

Many of the brokers ask for 1 to 2.5{f07c92800ff9c04fcd14235d7ea1eeeffc7e4d6d467ac18bce54b037373d6159} commission after you receive the loan but that will depend on the type of loan you take, and the commission can be paid by the borrower or lender. Working with a reputable mortgage broker is necessarily since they can find the best clothes for you plus you should get references to know the type of clients they worked for. A mortgage banker will work within a specific institution or lending department since the job is to vet the borrowers and secured loans for only the candidates that qualify.

Many mortgage bankers will either approve the loan or not especially since they are associated directly with the lending institution and work with a borrower and realtor from the beginning of the loan process to the end. The mortgage bankers get a salary from the institution and different bonuses and incentives if they perform well in their job. The mortgage broker will shop around for a good loan because the operate with multiple lenders, so the borrower has a lot of choices.

The broker will get you loans from financial institutions that have less strict on the qualification requirements. The mortgage bankers can get the loans closed in a few days and you can hire a broker to get minute details regarding the loan.

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