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Fascinating Facts About the Pisces Constellation

Astronomy is an exciting topic that has become more of a hobby to some people. One thing that stands out about astronomy is constellation and more specifically the Pisces constellation. Pisces compares to other zodiac signs in that they are all constellations. The term constellation comes when a pattern of stars is named after what it looks like or after a mythological feature. It is interesting to study constellations and the stars within them. To learn more about the Pisces constellation, you can read more on this page.

Pisces is hard to find. You are going to struggle to find the Pisces constellation even though it is the fourteenth largest constellation from the eighty-eight constellations that are visible to us. This is due to the fact the stars in Pisces are not as bright as the stars in other constellations. The stars in Pisces are only visible if you view them from a specific perspective and position. Their visibility is actually exclusive to the northern and southern hemispheres. They are also only visible in areas away from light pollution. It is possible to this constellation from August through to January in the northern hemisphere. For people in the southern hemisphere, the spring months are a good time for you to take a view. Its best view is from the north quadrant in the west in the night sky.

The Pisces constellation and its mythological origin. In Greek mythology, there was a monster with a hundred snake heads born by Mother Earth or Gaia. Each snake head could shoot fire from its eyes, and they were set on the mission to bring down Mount Olympus to kill the gods. Typhon, as the monster was known, was to revenge the defeat that the children of mother earth, the Titans, were subjected to by the gods. On seeing the Typhon approaching, the gods Aphrodite and her son Eros turned into fish in a bid to get away from the monster. They tied a rope around their tails so that they would not be separated. Everything went to plan, and they made the image of two fish tied together by rope to appear in the night sky as a celebration which formed the constellation Pisces. The Pisces constellation, yet, has a lot of myths all from different cultures trying to explain its origin. In some cultures, the source of the Pisces constellation is linked to fish of the Koi species, a type of fish that is also surrounded by many myths.