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Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Thyroid gland has a unique butterfly like shape. Metabolism occurs in cells where energy is produced. It may be hard to distinguish between thyroid disease and other conditions as their symptoms may be similar. Thyroid problems occur when there are too many or too little hormones being produced to the cells. Hypothyroidism which is a condition where the thyroid gland is underactive. The inflammation of the thyroid is also common and is referred to as thyroiditis. Another condition that fact the thyroid gland is thyroid cancer which manifests itself through a lump on the neck.

One may experience temperature changes. An individual may experience hot and cold flashes when experiencing thyroid gland problems. Failure of the thyroid gland from producing enough hormones makes the muscles sluggish and tired. Mood shifting is severe social relationships of an individual can be completely destroyed. With hyperthyroidism some people may feel depressed and full of negative thoughts. Mood disorder when experiencing thyroid problems caused by the serotonin hormone in the brain.

Secondly, your skin appears dry. Hormones produce by the thyroid gland help in maintain the condition of the hair low levels leave to hair breakage. The skin cells and the sebaceous glands experience problems function under low hormonal levels leading to dry skin. Metabolism regulates the amount of sweat one produces, thus dictating the amount of moisture in an individual’s skin too much sweating causes the skin to dry out. Hair loss may be from all over the body or just from the head. Production of too much sweat may be uncomfortable to an individual affecting their ability to socialize.

The female reproductive cycle may be affected by the thyroid disease. Most females experience regular menstruation periods. Hormonal level in females my change from different situation one of them being thyroid disease. Changes in the hormonal level leads to changes in ovulation. Seeking early treatment of the thyroid disease is key. Menstruation cramps may also be intense when one is suffering from thyroid disease as the blood flow is heavy.

One may experience weight gain which they may find hard loosing. There are many reasons why one can lose weight hypothyroidism checklist is one. Hyperthyroidism causes arise in the level of metabolism; the body requires a lot of energy spending up the process. Loss of appetite may lead to other deficiency like anaemia where one may suffer from low red blood cells count. When one experiences loss of appetites drastic weight loos or weight gain one should consult with a physician to ensure they are carefully examined to know what they are experiencing.