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Some of the Nursing Malpractices You Need to Have an Idea About

You will visit the hospital to get treatment when you are sick. The doctor will ensure that he does all he can for you to get well soon. Though, malpractices in health institutions are on the rise, as this has been the third killer in the country. Therefore, you can come out of the hospital, with a condition that you didn’t visit the hospital with, in the first case. The malpractices in healthcare can be the carelessness of a doctor, but sometimes it can be from a nurse. When you want to read more about these nursing malpractices, you will make sure that you read more in this article.

Even if the nursing job is a difficult one, it is key to the treatment of a patient. The nurse will assist the doctor on the treatment process as they check on the patient on a daily basis. A nurse can make a mistake during the recovery process, as they don’t pay attention. Due to such mistakes, the patient can lose his/her life, or have a condition that will affect them for the rest of their life. it is important to find a lawyer to help you with the lawsuit, when you become a victim of such nursing malpractice. The lawyer that you choose should be able to give you advice on whether to file a case against the nurse, doctor or even the entire health facility.

One of the ways nursing malpractice can result is when the nurse does not monitor the progress of the patient. The nurse and the doctor need to work in hand to ensure the patient gets the best treatment. The nurse, however, will have to monitor and track the progress of the patient, on a daily basis. Failure by the nurse to do their job will make the nurse have serious repercussions. Therefore, the nurse will be responsible for the patient’s poor condition in such a case.

A nursing malpractice can also result when the nurse fails to provide the right medication to the patient they are treating. Giving medication is one of the duties of the nurse. Failure to pay attention to the medication administered to the patient can lead to nursing malpractice. With such mistakes, the effects will be on the patient, and they can be severe. The nurse can over or underdose, and this will greatly affect the patient. Sometimes, the nurse can administer to the patient a wrong medication. Failure to provide a key medication to the patient can also be severe. To file a lawsuit, you need to find a lawyer.