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The Procedure Followed When You Are Charged with a Crime
Crime changes no matter how serious the case is can make you feel like your world is ending. However, it’s important to know what to expect when dealing with criminal charges so that you will have an easy time handling the case. Besides understanding the procedures you also need to understand the current laws that are going to be applied in your case. This website will help you to know your rights and the process that you will go through for your case.

Being charged and booking of your arrest is the first things that you will come across. It’s not necessarily that you will be arrested that soon after being charged with a crime since it depends on the crime you have committed. The officers should look for you so that you can be jailed following the judge issue of warranty for you to be arrested. You need to get a copy of warrant from the court since the officers are likely not to have it so that you can have an idea of what are your criminal charges. From being arrested you will be directed to a jail or local police department so that your fingerprints and mugshot can be taken. Within 48 hours after being arrested you should be able to talk to a magistrate who will decide to release you on bond or let you depending with your crime you can have a pending hearing. When the magistrate allows you to go home on bond then there is no way you will go home if you haven’t paid the bond. For those that are charged with complicates cases will have no bond hence they will not be able to go anywhere until their case hearing date.

The court hearings is the other step that you will go to when you are charged with a criminal offense. When your court hearing is mentioned you should expect the judge to read your charges and you should defend yourself. You will plead to be guilty, not guilty or no contest after the judge reads your criminal charges. It’s important if you have a lawyer who will be guiding you on how to take a plea on your case. Also you should provide the court with enough evidence that has to be proved for you to be confirmed not guilty.

When you are proven guilty then you have the next stage which is sentencing. Before the judge mentions about your sentence, s/he will have to investigate on your criminal records. You sentence will be cheap if you have never been charged before.