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What You Should Know About Maritime and Admiralty Law

One of the most fatal accidents that happened on the water was the Titanic, where over one thousand people died in a night. The Titanic made people realize how important admiralty law is. In the homepage of this website, you will find essential info. about maritime laws and what it covers. Maritime or admiralty law is a collection of agreements that govern what happens in international waters. In case you go to waters for a different country, ensure that you familiarize yourself with the laws of that country and you follow them. The International Marine Organization governs the safety and security of shipping between countries on an international level.

By now, you must be wondering where the maritime laws originated from. Maritime laws are coded from British principles and common law. Maritime laws fall under federal laws in the United States. The exception from federal laws are personal injury cases that happen on the water. Should the cases end up in court, the federal law can still apply.

If you talk to any maritime lawyer, they will agree that one of the most common cases they handle is personal injury claims. Since working on the water can sometimes be dangerous, lawmakers have included certain rights for workers such as free medical care. Victims are also entitled to maintenance assistance from the ship owners. It is also important to note that the ship owner will take care of the fees for the attorney. Engage your lawyer if the ship owner wishes to sort out the case out of the court.

You should hire a maritime lawyer. Maritime law is a special field that requires particular knowledge. You may realize that a reputable lawyer in your state is only familiar with the federal laws, putting your case in jeopardy. From their credentials, you will see if they completed their training from a recognized law school. To avoid dealing with a lawyer who will disappoint you in the long run, be cautious.

Lastly, you should protect yourself. You should engage a lawyer in case you find injuries working on a ship. Choosing the best maritime lawyer can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. First, check out the level of experience of the lawyer you wish to hire. Although you can ascertain their level of expertise by asking about the number of years they have been providing legal representation, ensure that you deal with someone who has handled cases similar to yours. If they have adequate experience, you can trust that they know the ins and outs to provide a great representation. In this article, you will learn some of the factors you should consider when hiring a maritime lawyer.