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A How-to Guide for Choosing an SD-WAN Provider

SD-WAN has finally arrived at the same situation as cloud computing was nearly ten years ago. In those days hardly any person was aware of virtual machines. These days, nearly every organization has at least carried out investigations on Cloud services. It appears like SD-WAN is going to follow the same trend. SD-WAN technology is made for organizations that plan on connecting with a great number of sites that are far apart. It enables enterprises to route traffic that cuts across a hybrid of WAN bases dynamically with their current network status as their basis. This is possible through replacements of traditional branch routers. It is crucial to keep in mind that not each SD-WAN offering is the same. Below are several elements that one should take into consideration when looking for an SD-WAN provider.

To start with, take into consideration the reason why you need the network. Prior to evaluating any solution or even providers you are supposed to have a good understanding of the applications that you require to give support. A good example is wanting to deliver those applications that are real-time. This will make policies that give a priority to video and voice packets that allow its delivery in the appropriate way. Several providers also give load balancing by selecting the optimal data routes, which are going to reduce network congestion.

The other crucial consideration is that of bandwidth requirements. It is important to estimate the amount that you need at the present and future too. You should find out if you need to make a connection between data centers that are on opposite ends of the country. You should look for an SD-WAN service provider that is capable of providing the right bandwidth. To add to that the provider is capable of scaling as the needs of your data increase. When it comes to connecting small office branches to HQ you may not require as much. You will find that a majority of SD-WAN service providers offer circuit segmentation and optimization.

Finally, you should consider how much the SD-WAN Services will cost you. You will be required to pay for the specific SD-WAN services you are requesting for. For the best networking in your company, you should be willing to give up a fair amount of money to SD-WAN services. You should work with the SD-WAN provider to get a price that will not compromise your company’s finances. You must look into the cost of the SD-WAN services from several providers. You should look for an SD-WAN vendor that has high-quality and affordable services.

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