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When to Schedule the First Dental Appointment for Your Kid

The most prevalent condition common with many people is the caries of permanent teeth even though oral disease affects many people around the world. Statistics have proven that many children suffer from caries of primary teeth. One of the most inevitable things is when their teeth begin to grow even though our kids experience new things. The place, where to take kids for the first exam, is not known by many parents especially the new ones. If you would like to keep your baby smiling because of healthy teeth you should see the importance of early dental care. A healthy smile throughout the kid’s life will be maintained if only parents are proactive with their dental health.

You should start with the first milestone of having the first dental appointment of your child. You will learn some information on when you should schedule the first dental appointment when you read this article. You should schedule your kid’s first pediatric dentist appointment after he or she attains one year after birth. You can also schedule the first dental appointment within the first six months after he or she sprouts the first tooth. You should not hesitate to bring up a problem on your visit when you notice it or cavities.

If your family has a history of cavities, there are high chances that the kid will develop early tooth decay. The reason above is not the only cause of teeth decay because if your kid sleep with a bottle, he or she may suffer from the condition also. The teeth of your child should be kept healthy because it is important even if they are not permanent. You should explain to your kid what is going to happen before you schedule the first visit. If you would like your kid not to have some fears, you should explain only positive things to him or her.

For your kid to be ready when the dentist checks and counts his or her teeth, you should ask him or her to practice how to open the mouth. You will also raise the confidence of your child if you allow him or her to read some dental kids’ books. An appointment should not be scheduled during your baby’s nap time because that’s not the best time. The best time to schedule the first appointment is when the child is well rested or cooperative. To make sure the teeth of your kid are developing properly the dentist will examine the jaw and teeth of him or her during the first time. For you to learn more about the oral hygiene practice for your kid’s teeth and gums, you will be helped by the dentist.